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Pinnacle Services specializes in precision shaft alignment services for rotating equipment. Misalignment of industrial machine shafts can result in premature bearing, seal, shaft or coupling failures, high bearing temperatures, excessive vibration, looseness of foundation bolts, and the breaking (or cracking) of shafts at or close to the inboard bearing. Shaft alignment is an important maintenance procedure that achieves shaft co-linearity. This is accomplished by adjusting the angularity and offset in both the vertical and horizontal planes until the axes of rotation of both shafts are colinear when the machine is operating under normal conditions.

Displacement Monitoring:

Pinnacle Services, a leading company for reliability services, uses laser alignment systems for monitoring machine displacement in real time to help customers reduce their risk of equipment damage and maximize production uptime. Displacement monitoring is performed with a laser and receiver, mounted on the machine.

Machine Shaft Alignment:

A high accuracy receiver will measure the displacement throughout the operational cycle. The displacement can be graphically displayed and analyzed in real-time. The data from the receiver can be logged and stored for post processing analysis to compare with pre-defined limits or to monitor trends over time.

Geometric Alignment:

Surface Profile Measurement

Our highly skilled technicians and our state of the art equipment can help solve a multitude of measurement problems for customers. Our experience has taught us that complex measurement problems can be simplified and solved in an accurate and efficient manner by using our wide range of products and systems.

Measurement tasks that have been successfully carried out in the past include:

  • Measuring complex surfaces such as foundations, bedplates, surface tables, crane slewing rings, circular and rectangular flanges, turbine, compressor and pump half casings

The measurement service supplied is complimented by detailed report documentation on the as found and as left condition.

Laser Alignment of Bearing Shells & Bores

​​Using our laser alignment systems, we can confirm the exact position of the alignment of crankshaft and camshaft bores, cylinder bores, pump bores, gearbox bores and stern tubes. It is ideal for checking for alignment of the bore relative to machine tools or assembly fixtures.

Details of the alignment is recorded and stored for future reference