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Take your reliability & predictive maintenance to the next level

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Your source for reliability, service & equipment

At Pinnacle Services, our goal is to make sure your equipment runs as efficiently as possible. Because we are not affiliated with any repair service company, you can feel confident that our recommendations and reports are completely unbiased, giving you an accurate snapshot of your equipments operating status.

Who We Are

Services We Provide

Laser Alignment

Our technicians use the latest in laser alignment technology to ensure your machine is operating at peak productivity.

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Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis identifies changes in the condition of your equipment before it becomes a problem. Our vibration analysis service provides advanced measurement and data analysis techniques. This improves your equipment’s reliability and extends its life.

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Motion Amplification

Motion amplification uses high-definition camera technology to detect an object’s movement and vibration that is not visible to the human eye. The technology turns each pixel from the camera into highly precise sensors of vibration. This visualizes an object’s mechanical or structural assets in motion, to then troubleshoot and identify any issues.

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Oil Analysis

Evaluate the condition of the oil and lubrication system and optimize performance, extend equipment life, and reduce downtime.

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Equipment & Parts

Pinnacle Services offers products, systems and parts to help your reliability and maintenance programs achieve their highest goals. We carry all reliability related products from laser alignment, vibration analysis, ultrasound, infrared sensors and oil analysis.

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Training Services

Do you require training at your facility? Our shaft alignment and vibration analysis experts are available to come to you. Speak to us to discuss your specific requirements and we will put together a customized training plan.

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